Becky (drawnwithcrayon) wrote in how_lqame,

AXEL 9000: hey becky!! enjoy the play and i just never got to tell you that harry and the potters were touring near me and i thought of you and miss you even more (actually i miss you all the time) but it's been forever so i leave this message to remind you that you're awesome and i hope you'r off doing something that makes you incredibly happy

Auto response from maybeimbecky: school play!

AXEL 9000: i truly miss your smile and your laugh!
AXEL 9000: have a wonderful night!

MattyB547: i wish i could do heavy brreathing over the internet itd be like helloo beckkyyy heeeh heeee (heaviny breathing = heee hheeee)
MattyB547: and its be a really crackly voice
tessparkerpwns: hahahah wicked creepy

Auto response from maybeimbecky: school play!

MattyB547: -my way of saying hi
MattyB547: its matt by the way

oh boy, <3
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