tess. (whereiendubegin) wrote in how_lqame,

(interests; dead grandmothers)

i miss the three of you so much. i just realized that i only miss the "two of you" but, no matter.


i wish akiva were here to yell at us for littering fortune cookies.
and i wish sergio were here with his pessimistic voice and ambitious lifestyle.
and i wish that thom were here so we could get legitimately pissed off at someone.
and i wish that carly were here so she could finally bone akiva.
and i wish that james were here to hannah could text him a lot.
and i wish that gus were here so he could guard the window.
and i wish hardy were here to say "you got it goin ON in here lady"
and i wish that God were here to play scattergories with.
and i wish pablo honey were here just so i could call him that.
and i wish that simon were here to fix the VCR's
and i wish that naim were here to be the classiest gent i've ever known
and i wish that the sam's were here because they all had the same name.
and i wish felix were here so we could flip him off.
and i wish that J-UNIT were here.
and i wish you guys were here! becuase i luff you.

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