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maybeimbecky: will you sned me a poem/
Tuzla: yeah
maybeimbecky: now?
Tuzla: sure
maybeimbecky: im excited
Tuzla: I have my old little book right here
maybeimbecky: which one are you sending me?
maybeimbecky: or typing to me?
Tuzla: Ill just type one
maybeimbecky: the one from the bus?
Tuzla: maybe I dunno
Tuzla: I'm under the sea; tall men with bayonesttes existing everywhere; breasts, and no bra, with a small cow. Best now, silent, reflective. Guy next to her unreal loud and obsessive. Pink paper cranes from shiny cheeks and pretty red toenails but somehow I am creeped out.
Tuzla: thats nice
maybeimbecky: i creeped you out?
maybeimbecky: and it is nice
maybeimbecky: it really fits that bus ride
Tuzla: yeah right
Tuzla: funny, I even edited it for you from "she creeps me out"
Tuzla: but you wont mind right?
Tuzla: you didnt really
maybeimbecky: odd
maybeimbecky: you creeped me out too
Tuzla: yeah well I know that
Tuzla: French boys in heat, breaks up at 10 flat, reverb renders all statements beautiful, I wish to write in script, grow 7 or 8 years, resolve issues with chinese brother.
maybeimbecky: what is that from?
Tuzla: late exeter night I guess
Tuzla: yo, I'm kinda embaressed about being so creepy
(about at exeter)
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